Success Stories

If you have a success story you would like to share, please email us at [email protected] 

Loretta R. said, "I am 65 years old and very active. I thought I was going to have to give up my active lifestyle because of all the pain from my arthritis, especially with neck spurs... I am now maintaining my active lifestyle of camping, hiking, skiing, and horseback riding. Dr. Vin listens to my concerns and issues every time. He finds different areas to adjust that get out of alignment depending on what I have done to cause the alignment issue. Having been treated for over a year by Dr. Vin, his chiropractic care and techniques have helped me to avoid another surgery!"  (April, 2022)

Tonia wrote, "Absolutely love love love this office! Highly recommended!!" (April, 2022)

Greg wrote, "He is a Really good doctor and cares deeply." (April, 2022)

Lisa said, "Remi is running around the backyard with a scissor stride, not both legs together. He couldn't walk or stand very well after you saw him, but after several hours he walked on his left hind foot. He has 100% improvement as of today. Honk is feeling a lot better, and he also was running, not rabbit-hopping with his hind legs. I really can't believe how amazingly gifted you are, and the proof is my dog and my horse, both elderly gents, who wouldn't move very well." (March, 2022)

Shannon wrote, "Dr. Vincent is awesome. He's very nice and is able to thoroughly answer all of my questions and offer very helpful suggestions to anything going on with our dog. This is our dog, Willow, not so patiently waiting to be adjusted. It is honestly her favorite thing... I think she likes Dr. Vincent more than us now to be honest..." (January, 2022)

Isabella said, "I just started care today and I'm already impressed! Dr. Vincent is knowledgeable in what I have going on, and I have faith we will get me moving in the right direction! Thank YOU!" (January, 2022)

Zrimm wrote, "Came in for some back work, felt 100 times better afterward. Will definitely continue to come see Dr. Vin, he knows how to fix people." (December, 2021)

Phil said, "Incredible results paired with incredible service! Dr. Vin is so comprehensive, thorough, professional, and a complete expert at what he does. He took care of my 'issue spots' and even uncovered one that I forgot to mention. Wow! Don’t waste your time going anywhere else. Truly an absolutely fantastic experience!" (August, 2021)

Brittney wrote, "Dr. Vin is amazing. He is so knowledgeable and knows what he's doing for sure. Skip the chain chiropractic offices and go see dr vin you won't be sorry!!" (June, 2019)

Cierra B. wrote, "I highly recommend Dr. Loparco, because he is extremely knowledgeable and understanding! After seeing a previous chiropractor for over 5 years, I came to Dr. Loparco having constant headaches and neck/back pain and could not hold an adjustment for more than 24 hours. Since working with him for a few months now my headaches are gone and I am able to hold my adjustments. Not only does he adjustment me, but also gives exercises to help strength muscles so that my body will continue to stay in alignment. I have been very impressed by his outstanding work! His payment options also make it easy and affordable, to feel healthy and better over all!" (October, 2017)

Bob  said, "I was very skeptical of Chiropractic and had chronic lower back pain for 20 years.  Now, I have no more lower back pain and I only come in for maintenance visits.  I would definitely recommend Chiropractic to others!  For example, my wife started for the first time and is also a success story!   I suggest you find a Chiropractor you really like!  Dr. Vin is not only good, he is very likeable and fun to be around!  It almost feels like coming to see family!" (August, 2007)

Carrie said, "The overall results is that 99% of all my back pain is gone.  The results have not diminished since completing the therapy.  Instead of devoting energy to pain management, I can now focus fully on my day's activities.  I recommend decompression to any one considering this therapy.  It really does work!" (April, 2007)

Sherri said, "I was in a car accident last year.  I had severe headaches 2-3 times a day.  Dr. Vin started helping me recover.  I haven't had one of those bad headaches since I came in to Dr. Vin, about 3 1/2 years ago.  I can't begin to say how wonderful that has been!" (September, 2006)

Kathy said, "While training for a long distance swim (9K), I suddenly felt tremendous pain in my shoulder.  With the big race only four days away, I was thinking I was out of the competition.  Dr. Vin was able to diagnose and treat the problem.  I completed the race in 2.5 hours with no pain.  I had no pain the next day!" (July, 2007)


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