Canine Chiropractic Care

Canine Chiropractic Care is a drugless alternative method of Health Care.  Many have found chiropractic is helpful when it comes to increasing energy, improving sports performance, and even increasing resistance to disease, such as dogs who suffer from hip dysplasia, IV disc disease, and knee problems.

Chiropractic does not replace traditional forms of Veterinary Medicine; It works really well with it! When a joint is affected because the vertebra is misaligned, it loses motion and then eventually can cause nerve irritation.  The Chiropractic Adjustment restores the placement of the vertebra, takes away nerve irritation, and even restores joint motion.

If a dog has a misalignment, he may or may not experience some form of pain, ranging from moderate to serve.  Symptoms that you may observe in your own dog might include any of the following:

  • Lameness
  • Refuses to have his collar or harness put on
  • Becomes stiff anywhere on his body
  • Favors sitting on one side
  • Digestions troubles
  • Does not want to be touched in specific areas.
  • Shows body weakness
  • Drags the hind end
  • Inability to look up at you or even play fetch with his favorite toy

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